Mesothelioma Web Help Resource

These are a type of disease of cancer that grows inside the layer. The disease develops in the inside layer of tissues covering the body organs. This type of cancer develops mostly in the chest wall or lining of lungs. Lungs and chest wall are the most affected part where the disease is commonly developed from. These type of cancer is very dangerous and it advisable to seek medical attention as soon as possible before it further developed.

There is various type of symptoms can be detected when one is suffering from these type of cancer. The sign and symptoms are such as swelling of the abdomen, shortness of breath which is caused by fluid on the lungs, cough, chest wall pain, weight loss fatigue, wheezing, blood in the sputum (fluid) coughed up (hemoptysis) fluid surrounding the lung and feeling tired. Those are the list of the symptoms that can be detected when you have extra help. The cause of these type of cancer can be through exposure to asbestos which is a high a resistant fibrous. This exposure can because of a greater risk in the body. A large number that is suffering from this type of cancer are those who work in mine asbestos. Asbestos causes this type of disease to everyone who works for long hours. The asbestos produces silicate minerals. The asbestos produces this source. The asbestos is commonly by the color they produce. The color can be either blue or brown asbestos. Touching item of someone working with asbestos can also affect you and it increases the risk. It advisable not to be touching an item that is contaminated with asbestos products since your health may be at risk. Also, genetics and infection is a factor to consider since it can increase your chances of getting these type of cancer.

In healthcare facilities, prevention of these type of cancer is provided. These are done by reducing exposure to asbestos. The prevention of these diseases is done through a surgery, chemotherapy and also radiation therapy. A procedure of pleurodesis is used for the treatment. In this treatment there are substances used to provide a better treatment, this substance is talc to scar and pleura.  The substances are used to provide good prevention and prevent fluid from accumulating around the lungs. The other process of chemotherapy is done through various provided medications. It necessary to be attending health care for a checkup.